Paging Doctor Moon Released “The BUG EP”

Paging Doctor Moon released “The BUG EP” on August 26th. The four-piece band is comprised of Kirsten Heibert (vocals), and Morgan Karabel (drums). Hiebert’s vocals, synthesizer, and the soft melodies mix together to create the five track EP produced by Julian Giaimo. “Bug is a doomed relationship played over five tracks. The record is full... Continue Reading →

Wild Mothers Release Self-Titled Debut Album

“Wild Mothers” a rock trio from New Jersey, released their self-titled debut album on April 22nd. The band consists of Luke Petersen, Alex Bierman, and Brett Thompson, all of whom recorded, wrote, and produced the album on their own. They refer to themselves as the “rebirth of Rock n’ Roll” because they are bringing back... Continue Reading →

Set Into Motion New EP Release: Something Exciting

New Jersey based pop punk band Set Into Motion has just released their EP 'Something Exciting' and we are HERE for it. Hunter Rich (Vocals/Guitar), Jesse Hickman (Vocals/Guitar), and Jake Vanko (Drums) want to make genuine connections with their fans, and consistently have a fun, live show atmosphere. From the moment that first song started... Continue Reading →

“Vacation” New EP From Foley

Photo by: Frances Carter Pop-duo, Foley recently released their sophomore EP "Vacation", following their 2020 debut release "On My Conscience". Based in New Zealand, Foley is the creation of the unbreakable friendship between Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett. Their upfront honesty has gained them a fanbase of likeminded young listeners. Because of their strong bond... Continue Reading →

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