Set Into Motion New EP Release: Something Exciting

New Jersey based pop punk band Set Into Motion has just released their EP ‘Something Exciting’ and we are HERE for it. Hunter Rich (Vocals/Guitar), Jesse Hickman (Vocals/Guitar), and Jake Vanko (Drums) want to make genuine connections with their fans, and consistently have a fun, live show atmosphere.

From the moment that first song started it took be back to the good old days of pop punk filled Warped Tour, hoping from stage to stage catching old favorite bands and discovering new ones! They’re “plug-in, play, and go have fun” approach is successful in coming through in their music, it makes you want to get up, jump, dance and sing along-even if it’s your first time hearing their music.

Throughout the entirety of ‘Something Exciting’ you’re captivated by the boisterous riffs and fun lyrics, making you eager to hear what’s coming up next. It’s a great EP to put on play for summertime, whether you’re driving with your windows down or just relaxing by the pool or beach. If you’re a fan of pop punk such as (TSSF, State Champs, Neck Deep) you will absolutely want to add Set Into Motion to your playlists. Everything you need to know more about them is here!

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