The Wrecks’ “I Want My Life Back Now” is an Upbeat Plea at a Second Chance


The Wrecks’ latest single may have the perfect title for a song addressing the common sentiment felt by many during 2020 in light of Covid but front man Nick Anderson has made clear that the single, “is not a Covid-19 cash-grab,” but will likely resonate with many of those who went through a breakup during Covid. In “I Want My Life Back Now”, Anderson sings about wanting to, “hit restart”, telling his ex, “ I want you back in my bed, I want you back in my heart”, during the song’s catchy chorus which most can relate to following a breakup. The song is a plea to return to the way things were before the relationship went downhill but the tune is upbeat and energetic rather than gloomy and subdued. It is the upbeat energy of the song and catchy chorus that makes the song fun to sing along to whether or not you can relate to the subject matter.

The music video represents the music of “I Want My Life Back Now” instead of the lyrics. In it viewers watch footage of The Wrecks performing in a desert and picking each other up in a van, traveling on the road together and having fun. Anderson said the music video was “one of the first times we were able to take a step back and just have some fun while filming,” and it shows.

The Wrecks formed in Thousand Oaks, CA in 2015 and consists of vocalist Nick Anderson, bassist Aaron Kelley, guitarist Nick “Schmizz” Schmidt, and drummer Billy Nally. They take influence from bands such as The Pixies, The Strokes, and Weezer and have opened for Nothing But Thieves, The Struts, New Politics, Paramore, and All Time Low and Silversun Pickups. You can stream The Wrecks on Spotify where they currently have over a million monthly listeners. You can also follow them on Facebook,   Twitter,   and Instagram.

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