Midnight Riot Magazine is an online music publication based out of South Jersey, delivering the latest news, reviews, and photo galleries. We’re always excited to discover and share new music, while supporting local and nationally touring artists.

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Midnight Riot Magazine was created with a passion for emotion, and the family feeling the arts bring. Being from New Jersey, our music and art screams boldness that we are proud of, with a ‘watch me’ attitude that runs deep in our blood. Our main focus is to not only bring light to our local scene, but also to upcoming or touring artists both nationally and internationally.

No matter where you are from, being an artist comes with a heavy crown. The weight is people constantly doubting you and then proving them wrong. We want to be know for being genuine to who we are and where we come from all while continuing to grow and branch out to support artists everywhere.

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Our Issue 1 is out now featuring State Champs, Grayscale and more!

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Simon And The Astronauts Collab With Rachel Haden on “I Have A Name”

UK Collective Simon & The Astronauts have released a new single “I Have A Name”. This track is in collaboration with vocal powerhouse, Rachel Haden (That Dog, The Haden Triplets). The 90s rock-inspired anthem, “I Have A Name” is the song that the 20s so desperately needed. Rachel Haden’s vocals shine through on the track …

New EP by Sunday Fire “Death:Rebirth” released TODAY!

Connect with A Sunday Fire A Sunday Fire has just released their new EP “Death:Rebirth”. The quartet doesn’t rest comfortably in one box and strives to create music that expands beyond genre limits. A new sound resonates through the recently released “Death:Rebirth”. This EP indulges in a dark, alternative, more ethereal sound in songs that …