Lulu Simon’s new EP Muscle Memory Coming October 7th

New EP Muscle Memory by Lulu Simon is coming on October 7th, 2022. This follows the release of two singles off this EP, “Being Alone is the Best”  and then “Something.” These two singles add so much to her entire discography, and they foreshadow a wonderful and emotional collection of tracks. Lulu Simon is... Continue Reading →

MIMIC Releases Debut Single “Careless”

Buffalo based band, MIMIC (formerly Eerie Shores), have just released their debut single "Careless". Released alongside the single is an accompanying music video. Which perfectly captures the essence of the song; being careless and letting loose for a bit.  On the song he band says, “…touches on learning how to be comfortable where most people... Continue Reading →

Made In America Festival 2022

Review & Photos By: Kristen Zarra Made In America Festival is Labor Day Weekends biggest event in Philadelphia, PA. Running for 10 years and curated by Jay-Z, this two day festival offers more than just good music. MIA (Made in America) showcases local food vendors, as well as the Cause Village, which is the festivals... Continue Reading →

Paging Doctor Moon Released “The BUG EP”

Paging Doctor Moon released “The BUG EP” on August 26th. The four-piece band is comprised of Kirsten Heibert (vocals and guitar), Christian Hoffman (guitar), Chris Volpini (bass), and Noelle McCormick (drums). Hiebert’s vocals, synthesizer, and the soft melodies mix together to create the five track EP. “Bug is a doomed relationship played over five tracks.... Continue Reading →

New Single from Daisy Draper: ‘ANXIOUS!’

L.A based artist, Daisy Draper, has recently released her latest single, ‘ANXIOUS!’. After serving six years in the United States Army, she began her career in 2018. While she was enlisted, she became diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease, which has become the inspiration behind her music. Daisy’s new single ‘ANXIOUS!’ is a dreamy pop... Continue Reading →

Futuristic Release New Music Video

Futuristic has teamed up with Loveless in the newly released music video "Dead to Me". The video showcases story driven visuals, creating scene of being double crossed by someone. The release of this video can amp up fans for his upcoming Fall tour with Ekoh on the 21st Century Meltdown Tour starting September 14th, as well as... Continue Reading →

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