Alexa Villa Releases “Invisible – Dan Heath Orchestral Reprise”

Los Angeles-based bubble rocker, Alexa Villa has released a new cut of her song “Invisible”.

The new single, “Invisible – Dan Heath Orchestral Reprise” details Alexa’s personal experience in surviving unrequited love, power plays, and unhealthy relationship dynamics that leave a partner feeling alone and used. 

“Your apathy is annoying me, you’re practically invisible to me”

With enthralling and fiery vocals, a 90s rock aesthetic, and lyrics that have real sharp teeth, this song is vulnerable as it is unapologetic. The song is a lyrical masterpiece that acts as a perfect sense of closure for a relationship. Throughout the song, Alexa’s confident vocals are a powerhouse over the beautiful acoustics. 

The song was produced by the legendary Dan Heath, who provided a cinematic version of the original single. 

Bubble rock-tress Alexa Villa has played on The Warped Tour and has opened for acts including The Darkness, Drake Bell, Ryan Cabrera, and Mark Ballas & BC Jean of Alexander Jean to name a few. The singer-songwriter/classically-trained pianist is also a model, working with several fashion companies and regularly participating in events at L.A. Fashion Week. 

Make sure to stream this updated cut of “Invisible” and be prepared to sing at the top of your lungs along with Alexa. Also make sure to follow up with her on social media!


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