Have You Listened to Alma Grace’s NEW EP ‘FRIDA’?

Alma Grace, a Mexican-American artist and activist recently released her EP ‘FRIDA‘! We had the privilege to to review one of her earlier single releases for it, and let me tell you, it was GREAT. Alma pulls inspiration for ‘FRIDA‘ from famous artist Frida Kahlo, who she had learned about through her Grandmother, quickly learned about Kahlo, her art and how she strived to break down the ‘normal’ boundaries set on gender, race and sexuality.

Alma Grace creates music that weaves both English and Spanish together, backed with pop melodies that blend everything together beautifully. At only 21 years old, this NYC artist and activist is taking the world on headstrong. Each of the 4 songs on ‘FRIDA‘ engage your emotions, and having you craving to hear more.

Girl Fight” opens the EP with a strong emotional stance about a relationship that is failing. The lyrics are empowering, instead of the typical longing for what once was. It’s refreshing to have a song about the bright side of a bad relationship coming to an end. On the contrary, the next track “Aventura” dives more into the feelings of giving into the lust of being attracted to someone. She brings up the point of not wanting to give her heart over to this new person, a valid struggle we all go through.

Aztlán” easily became a top track for me. Between the gorgeous melody, her vocals and the lyrics she brings to life, it creates this stunning song. “Home is a place where there’s no pain / Rose colored skies with no chance of rain” are just a few line that stood out to me. It painted this peaceful place where you had no more worries, and could just live in harmony with everyone and truly be yourself. Alma wraps up ‘FRIDA‘ with “Relámpago” a track that focus’ on frustration, potentially anger and taking matters into your own hands. “It’s time to strike it on my own” – a fantastic lyric full of empowerment to make what you want happen, no matter what. If you love pop melodies, check out Alma Grace’s ‘FRIDA’!

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