New Single from Daisy Draper: ‘ANXIOUS!’

L.A based artist, Daisy Draper, has recently released her latest single, ‘ANXIOUS!’. After serving six years in the United States Army, she began her career in 2018. While she was enlisted, she became diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease, which has become the inspiration behind her music. Daisy’s new single ‘ANXIOUS!’ is a dreamy pop... Continue Reading →

Interview : A Cure For Love

By: Laura DeBlois -Where did you come up with the names Cafeteria Harrison and Anor Londo? So the full titles are “Cafeteria Harrison (Isn’t It Grand to Feed the Birds?)” and “Anor Londo, My Heart Burns for You”. Cafeteria Harrison comes from a Built to Spill song, while the other half comes from a Courage... Continue Reading →

Set Into Motion New EP Release: Something Exciting

New Jersey based pop punk band Set Into Motion has just released their EP 'Something Exciting' and we are HERE for it. Hunter Rich (Vocals/Guitar), Jesse Hickman (Vocals/Guitar), and Jake Vanko (Drums) want to make genuine connections with their fans, and consistently have a fun, live show atmosphere. From the moment that first song started... Continue Reading →

Greg Hill’s New EP ‘Better Love’

Photo by: Ava Pellor Based in Buffalo, NY, Greg Hill began his pop career in 2016, experimenting with mixing multiple different sounds, synths and programmed drums. Greg writes music about his story, ranging from heartbreak, anxiety, and loneliness. He's known for his trend of releasing an album, or EP, for only a short period of... Continue Reading →

Big Smile Release New Song ‘Killdozer’

Cincinnati pop punk band, Big Smile, have released their first single, ‘Killdozer’ through Anchor Eighty Four. This release is a bit different and unique as they focus on stating facts and statistics about the Big Pharma industry through the song. They’ve had huge success with their previous releases, landing them on Spotify playlist ‘Pop Punks... Continue Reading →

Q&A With Big Smile

We had the pleasure to get some more insight on Big Smile’s writing, music and their latest song! See what they had to say below MR: Killdozer was a great song, what prompted you to write about this subject? BS: We wanted to touch in this subject because it has effected so many people close... Continue Reading →

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