Interview : A Cure For Love

By: Laura DeBlois

Where did you come up with the names Cafeteria Harrison and Anor Londo?

So the full titles are “Cafeteria Harrison (Isn’t It Grand to Feed the Birds?)” and “Anor Londo, My Heart Burns for You”. Cafeteria Harrison comes from a Built to Spill song, while the other half comes from a Courage the Cowardly Dog episode. Anor Londo’s name is a phrase Kristian would yell out while playing Dark Souls 3 and is a tribute to our bass player who moved to North Carolina.

-What inspired you to write Cafeteria Harrison?

This song was written mostly by Kristian and Brendon, our bassist that moved, when he was first brought into the band. Much of it came from getting to sit down together and Brendon saying “We should write a song in A flat”, which is not at all how we normally would write a song, keys are a mystery to us.

-If you hope people get a message or a take away from your music, what is it?

There is always an opportunity to explore and find something new to find joy in and life is more than just what you see around you.

-What is something fun you can share about your upcoming album?

We were able to experiment with more sounds and tones to really build this album up in comparison to our first one. There’s also guest appearances on a few of the songs which are super cool.

-Is there a different track from the singles that you are excited for people to hear from the upcoming album and why?

We’re really excited for people to hear “Bonding Over Beet Juice”. It is one of the other sonically different songs on the album, and our good friend Zack did guest vocals.

-How would you explain your sound?

We’ve always had a hard time answering this question, but the best way might be to call it shoegaze that wants to be kind of heavy but is also twinkly at times.

What is your inspiration? Is there a band that inspired you?

Built to Spill and Modest Mouse are bands that really inspire us but in general the relationships we have with others is our biggest inspiration.

-Who would you compare your sound to? A band? A genre?

We like to think our music is a hobbled mix of some of our favorite artists like Modest Mouse, Radiohead, and Foo Fighters. We don’t strive to make music like them, they just have the most influence on us.

How did you come up with the name A Cure For Love?

At the time, Kristian was reading Homer’s “Odyssey” and started reading into other older poets’ works for a class. He enjoyed Ovid’s “Remedia Amoris”, which we derived our name from since just using that would’ve required us to be a metal band.

-How was the band formed?

Cameron and Kristian have been friends since middle school and after high school part of their friend group thought it would be fun to start playing music together. It took a few years to find committed members but the band became official in 2018.

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