By: Rachel Ombok Chxrry22, rising R&B star and Toronto native, just released her debut EP The Other Side, which touches on some of the most personal battles she deals with in her life such as heartbreak, dwelling on past relationships, and relationship conflict. The seven tracks on the album include “Alone,” “Wasteland,” “Do it Again,”... Continue Reading →

Interview with Daisy Draper

We had the pleasure of getting to Daisy and what goes into her creative process following her release of “ANXIOUS”! See what she had to say below! MR: It’s stated that you use you’re autoimmune disease for inspiration for your lyrics and music, did you find it difficult to be so vulnerable to strangers? Daisy:... Continue Reading →

Interview : A Cure For Love

By: Laura DeBlois -Where did you come up with the names Cafeteria Harrison and Anor Londo? So the full titles are “Cafeteria Harrison (Isn’t It Grand to Feed the Birds?)” and “Anor Londo, My Heart Burns for You”. Cafeteria Harrison comes from a Built to Spill song, while the other half comes from a Courage... Continue Reading →

Episode #3: Interview with Belvedere Calgary, Alberta punks Belvedere have released another new track off their upcoming LP 'Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense,' out May 14 via Thousand Islands Records in North America and Lockjaw Records in Europe and the UK. WEBSITE FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER BANDCAMP Album artwork by Heather Mclean @ Hyphea, additional layout by Sebastien Theriault @ Steriodesign Album Tracklisting: 1. Happily Never After... Continue Reading →

HAAS : New Single & Insights

Pop rock artist, HAAS, has recently released her single, 'Headfirst' of February 5th, and it is BEAUTIFUL! We had the pleasure to get to know a bit more about HAAS and how she feels about music! Check it out below! MR-Headfirst is beautifully written, when creating this what was the inspiration behind it? Thank you... Continue Reading →

Lisa Danaë : Interview and New Music

Photo By: Chris Rodarte | Artwork by: Tribe Unltd We had the pleasure to speak with Filipino-American artist, Lisa Danaë about her music and new release 'Weigh Me Down'. This new single focus' on the insecurities that arise throughout life, especially comparing yourself to someone else's "success". Regardless of what career path you've chosen, "Weigh... Continue Reading →

Q&A With Big Smile

We had the pleasure to get some more insight on Big Smile’s writing, music and their latest song! See what they had to say below MR: Killdozer was a great song, what prompted you to write about this subject? BS: We wanted to touch in this subject because it has effected so many people close... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Q&A Vol.1 #6: Reaven

In 2018/2019 French Pop/Rock band Reaven went on a European tour that included 10 Different countries and more than 50 concerts. These road warriors already have a new album in the works, "For Tomorrow". I was able to have another "Quarantine Q&A" with Reaven's lead singer-guitarist, Romeo. Below is the Video for their most recent... Continue Reading →

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