Interview with Daisy Draper

We had the pleasure of getting to Daisy and what goes into her creative process following her release of “ANXIOUS”! See what she had to say below!

MR: It’s stated that you use you’re autoimmune disease for inspiration for your lyrics and music, did you find it difficult to be so vulnerable to strangers?

Daisy: It’s definitely hard to be vulnerable! I believe vulnerability is a sign of strength. It’s uncomfortable to feel exposed and seen, especially when we like to control how we’re perceived. But sharing my story of chronic illness, healing and recovery has not only been extremely liberating, but has helped others not feel alone. There are many people out there experiencing similar struggles, and we wouldn’t even know unless we opened up! Connection, sharing and vulnerability is worth the discomfort of being fully seen.

MR: Do you hope that being honest about your life through music may help others struggling ?

Daisy: I sure hope so! Honesty and authenticity are my core values. If me being radically authentic in my music just helps one person suffering, I feel as if I succeeded in my job as an artist.

MR: What are your plans for the upcoming year? Any plans on touring ?

Daisy: I’ll be playing a show this Thursday, October 6th, at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood! I also have two single releases in the queue for this year, so keep on the lookout! 🙂

MR: What do you hope people take away from listening to your music?

Daisy: My hope is that people feel safe, validated and know that healing is always possible after listening to my music. You are never broken and there is nothing to fix.

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