HAAS : New Single & Insights

Pop rock artist, HAAS, has recently released her single, ‘Headfirst’ of February 5th, and it is BEAUTIFUL! We had the pleasure to get to know a bit more about HAAS and how she feels about music! Check it out below!

MRHeadfirst is beautifully written, when creating this what was the inspiration behind it?

Thank you so much for the kind words. Headfirst was written during a time I felt like an outsider. I feel people looked at me as if I wasn’t doing anything “productive” with my life and it really ate at me. Whenever you try to explain the feelings of playing live and pouring your heart out into your craft, those who don’t know that outlet cannot seem to understand the pull towards it. This is my explanation as to why I continue pouring myself into music. There is just such a magic there that cannot be extinguished. I also took inspiration from different genres/artists and experimented with Headfirst that I didn’t do on my first EP. Headfirst became this anthem for me and I hope that it allows listeners to feel the same. 

MR-Seeing that you use your music as an escape, do you ever find it difficult to share some of the songs you create due to being too personal, or is it freeing to share and see how others relate?

Oh my god, yes to both! It truly depends on the song, but I usually am pretty shy about sharing my writing, but I know that there is someone out there that needs to hear it or I need it for myself in order to let that particular situation go so I can move on and be at peace. 

MR- How has the past year impacted your creative process, and how has that affected the tone of your new music?

COVID-19 really put me at a halt. I was no longer allowed in the studio, I had hit a brick wall while writing, but all in all, even though it impacted my music, I believe it allowed me the freedom to grow as an artist & songwriter. I took the time to learn new instruments, learn more about myself and let myself experiment without feeling pressure for the next new thing. 

MR-What do you hope for people to experience from Headfirst?

I hope listeners and fans take away that dreams are a part of who you are and that there is no time limit on them. Headfirst is about feeling those very real feelings about your dreams and living them fully. It is so important to dream and you never have to explain them to others. Your dreams are magic, those feelings are extremely real and wonderful and you aren’t you without them. So dream the biggest dreams. 

“Headfirst” has that raw emotion behind the lyrics that shine through with HAAS’ vocal deliverance. The instrumentals flow effortlessly while playing on your emotions, drawing you in to immediately connect with the song. The lyric that resonated with me the most was “They put down the dreamers, the believers/They ones that want more. Always wanting to follow a creative path, people would constantly tell me “Well that’s not realistic” and all that did was push me to prove them wrong, and HAAS took that strive and emotion and created this uplifting and inspiring song. HAAS creates this welcoming atmosphere with her music, making you feel accepted for what you are and what you want to become. She’s one to watch out for with upcoming releases, you do not want to pass up an opportunity to hear her music!

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