King Soloman’s new Music Video for “Hands of Time” is available now

King Soloman has teamed up with Lucrative Youth Productions to produce a music video for his song “Hands of Time.”

“Hands of Time” is a song about working hard in life to finally achieve peace and stability. It’s a reminder that hard times in life are the most important, and that hard work can pay off. In the first portion of the song, King Soloman explores problems of financial stress, worries about the future and being outcast. 

The chorus breaks through the intro, “Sit back and watch the hands of time and finally I can unwind.” There’s a restful feeling that the chorus induces. After looking back on the struggles of life, it’s all about being able to finally take things easy. From the beginning through the chorus, the music video plays on the restful idea of being able to rest. King Soloman raps in front of backgrounds of beaches and forests. These calming backgrounds lend to the reflective and calming nature of the song. The scenery also fits beautifully with the acoustic guitar’s instrumentation.

King Soloman’s Hands of Time closes with a heavy and emotional finish. The bass becomes heavier, and the rapping picks up with its intensity. Solomon’s lyricism follows the story of the song picking up intensity, “Sometimes, you gotta get back to the basics. You gotta chase it, man life is what you make it … They didn’t even notice me. Look at me. Left me out to rot in peace, I can’t sleep. I got millions on my mind, rollos in my eyes.” This ending is extremely intense and captures the feelings of not having time to wait. It’s about not being able to rest until an important goal is met.

In this last part of the song, the scenery changes. It’s still beautiful, but it lends itself to the tone shift that happens before closing out the song. The scenery shifts to it being nighttime in the city, a skyline in the background. The way the scenery follows the tone of the song beautifully weaves its way into its story. A story that can be taken both ways. It can be seen as either a song of having achieved peace, or a dream of that achievement in the middle of a restless time in life. The tone shift at the end lends itself to the idea that maybe it is a story of yearning for that restful state. This gives “Hands of Time” a diverse range of understanding based on where the listener is. People can understand this track either from a state of yearning for rest or one of being in a place of rest and looking back.

Sean Levine (King Soloman) is a rapper from Southside Brooklyn. After moving to South Florida and stumbling on its rich music scene, he got back in touch with music producer Tariq Allen. They had worked on unreleased music in high school, so their history lent well into making music once again. Levine became King Soloman shortly after reconnecting with Allen. His songs come from his own life and experiences, and this lends to a truthful and relatable nature in his music.

My inspiration came from having a hectic time during my life and I needed a way to release all of my stress. I was in the middle of graduating college, getting married, coronavirus, riots, and working at the same time. I had to just take a step back from everything and think about what’s happening in my life. Hands of Time represents my internal reflections on the last 4 months and transports the listener to a meditative state where they too can reflect and analyze their past. It also resembles the importance of BLM hence why I said Rest In Peace multiple times to allude to the unjust killings such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Hopefully the world can all do some reflecting and come together to make better decisions to unite us as a nation.”

King Soloman on the inspiration for “Hands of Time”

You can watch the music video for King Soloman’s “Hands of Time” on YouTube, and stream it on Spotify now.

Author: Sage Plapp

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