New Jersey Based Band ‘Drive, Kid’ Releases “lucy”

New Jersey-based band Drive, Kid has released a new track “lucy” which features Sierra Binondo from With Sails Ahead. 

Drive, Kid is a four-piece band that is self-described as “whatever-core from the Jersey Shore”. The Jersey band was founded in 2016 after college roommates Nick Manduley (guitar and vocals) and Mark Rodriguez (guitar, keys, and vocals) began writing music together while attending classes at Monmouth University. After releasing a home-recorded acoustic demo tape, the duo added Connor Hastings (drums and percussion) and Stephen Bradford (bass and vocals) to the lineup. 

In 2018, they released a full-band EP titled “Picturesque” and their debut LP “Enjoy Being.” Drive, Kid has played in numerous venues across New Jersey in support of their first LP, including House of Independents, The Saint, The Brighton Bar, The Stanhope House, and more. The band has opened for acclaimed touring and local acts such as Slaughter Beach Dog, A Wilhelm Scream, The Ones You Forgot, and more. Drive, Kid is currently recording their sophomore LP, which they hope to release in late 2021. 

The album will see a departure from the pop-punk stylings of “Enjoy Being” in favor of a new sound more influenced by post-hardcore, electronicore, and hard rock. 

The release of “lucy” in December 2020 served as the thematic end to the band’s “enjoy being” era. The latest song gravitates from Drive, Kid’s pop-punk roots for a more new-wave and alt-rock experience. The song is the perfect encapsulation of their ever-growing and ever-changing sound. “lucy” deals with the quest for enjoyment and happiness, despite never feeling quite fulfilled and satisfied; no matter how successful you may feel. Which contrasts with the upbeat and vibrant sound of the song. 

“This itch won’t go away / the good never stays.”

The turn for a more new-wave sound, with brilliant lyrics and songwriting, makes “lucy” the perfect catchy tune. Make sure to stream “lucy” and stay connected with the band to see what is next with this venture into new-wave and electronicore!





Author: Ashley Lawton

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