Let Go : Horace Bray’s New Song

Photo By: Ana Azarov

LA based pop artist, Horace Bray, has released ‘Let Go’, a new single off his upcoming EP Fame, Fortune and Perfume, out February 26th. This EP is set to take you through moments of Brays personal life, similar to going through a photo album of past relationships, his life in New York and his travels to LA.

“A song about the first stages of a fling. It is about the release into the first layer of trusting yourself and the other person as you get to know each other,” 

Horace Bray on Let Go”

Being an avid fan of The 1975, I can safely say that if you like them too, you will immediately feel connected to “Let Go”. The dreamy melodies and vocals Bray showcases throughout the song takes you to this place of emotion where you just want to hop in your car and take a long drive while singing along. Bray still manages to stand out in his own way while creating this song. This song brings your emotions to this uplifting state, and that is something that is hard to capture. If this is a fraction of what Bray has to offer on the EP, then the listeners are in for a huge treat. He is one to watch in the upcoming future, especially once Fame, Fortune and Perfume, is released. Make sure you check out “Let Go”!

Stream Let Go here!

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