The Ones You Forgot Drops New Single “Desensitized”

New Jersey’s own pop-rock band, The Ones You Forgot, recently dropped a new single, “Desensitized” on February 5th! This band always delivers powerful songs that immediately hit and this one is no different. Jenna (vocals) has a dynamic range, that allows the songs to reach a creative dynamic when blended with the instrumentals. The Ones You Forgot pull from all the members personal experiences when creating new music, which I think is what makes their music so great. Instead of only pulling from one or two perspectives, it allows them to have a broader range of emotion and stories to share.

They’ve had an amazing career thus far, opening for acts such as Emarosa, Boys Like Girls, Four Year Strong, as well as playing at the 25th Warped Tour Anniversary in Atlantic City, NJ. “Desensitized” tackles feelings of feeling alone, where no one understands you, and also hints at depression. With lyrics such as “I don’t sleep cause I’m tired/I sleep because I don’t want to be awake/ in the world that we’re living in”, songs with these undertones are important to share, because I feel that it will help those who are also going through those emotions connect with something or someone and potentially not feel as alone. The Ones You Forgot are a band you definitely do NOT want to pass on listening to! I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us this year.

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