Falling Through April Release New Single and Video “Paralyzed”

Falling Through April, a rock band from Charlotte, NC, has done it again with their release of 'Paralyzed'. The heavy hitting riffs paired with catchy lyrics instantly captivates the listener. They've had immense success with their previous releases, having song placements within Footlocker, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and Idobi Radio worldwide. Falling Through April has also... Continue Reading →

HAAS : New Single & Insights

Pop rock artist, HAAS, has recently released her single, 'Headfirst' of February 5th, and it is BEAUTIFUL! We had the pleasure to get to know a bit more about HAAS and how she feels about music! Check it out below! MR-Headfirst is beautifully written, when creating this what was the inspiration behind it? Thank you... Continue Reading →

ØPALS New Single “Middle of the Night”

Alt pop from Pittsburgh, ØPALS are gearing up to release their latest single "Middle of the Night" on January 29th! ØPALS features singer/songwriter Ale Gibson but was originally a duo with Ale and producer Nigel Seibert. After the two have worked on multiple projects creating sub genres, Ale Gibson created "Middle of the Night." This... Continue Reading →

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