VYB Releases New Single & Music Video “Deja Vu”

Photo: Em Pearson

VYB (pronounced ‘vibe’) is a pop rock band based out of Atlanta, GA and have recently released a new single and music video ‘Deja Vu’. Tom, (vocals) has stated that ‘Deja Vu’ is about finding yourself in an uncomfortable, but still familiar romantic encounter. VYB blends pop punk with electric dance undertones creating a familiar yet unique sound. First listen through of ‘Deja Vu’ felt like I’ve been listening to the band for years, despite this being this first time hearing of them and their music.

“Deja Vu” means a lot to us as a band. We feel that the sound of this song was something we’ve been working towards since we formed the band. Not only does “Deja Vu” mark a new era of our music, but we really feel it’s a representation of how far our music has come. 


‘Deju Vu’ is 100% a song that EVERYONE can relate to. We’ve all been there, in a relationship that seemed so perfect but yet is still not quite right. The struggle to figure out what is right or wrong and what to do about it is a rough time to go through. Listening to songs such as this, it helps you feel less alone and might even be the pick me up you need to move on! VYB put this song together perfectly, the lyrics, instrumentals and the hint of that electronic tones blend seamlessly, making it hard to not want to sing along – even during your first listen. VYB has already made a name for themselves within the Atlanta, GA scene, creating a unique aesthetic of color and lights wherever they preformed. You can check out the music video below!

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