ØPALS New Single “Middle of the Night”

Alt pop from Pittsburgh, ØPALS are gearing up to release their latest single “Middle of the Night” on January 29th! ØPALS features singer/songwriter Ale Gibson but was originally a duo with Ale and producer Nigel Seibert. After the two have worked on multiple projects creating sub genres, Ale Gibson created “Middle of the Night.” This songs main focus is uplifting you to want to strive to become the best version of yourself. It also reflects Gibson’s struggle with their own mental health and overcoming the battle with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

“Middle of the Night” has everything you would expect from an alt pop song. The bouncy beat/instrumentals, catchy vocals, and fun lyrics. ØPALS encapsulates that fun, motivating feeling I think everyone could use right about now. This past year has put an enormous strain on everyone, but has been especially difficult for those who struggle with mental illness. Hearing music about overcoming these struggles from someone who has experienced them could be what someone needs to get through their day.

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