“Caught Up” Nude Shoes Latest Music Video

Nude Shoes has just released a music video for their song “Caught Up” which addresses a relationship where one person is just unwilling to comprise, leading to the unrelenting feeling we all know a little too well – heartbreak. Everyone has been feeing a bit nostalgic this past year, longing for a time where we could go out and enjoy the things we love; hanging out with friends and family, seeing your favorite artist live, and maybe just traveling to a new place! Nude Shoes took that emotion and used it as fuel with the video, only using home footage of when they were younger.

This hits home with the theme of nostalgia, becoming a metaphor for aching and yearning to go back to a simpler time. I for one can relate and there’s no doubt in my mind others can too. Everyone experiences heartbreak differently, but the feeling of wanting to go back to before you knew how that felt is something everyone can relate to.

“Caught Up” paired with the video hits you a bit harder in the heart than I think it would if they didn’t use the old home video footage. Knowing that you need to move on heal from an unhealthy relationship can be tough, but with the help of artists sharing their emotions through music makes listeners feel less alone. Nude Shoes manages to make you smile despite the somber emotions that are displayed in the lyrics. Give it a listen below and see for yourself!

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