Cheer Up Dusty Releases “Shirtless and Afraid”

2020 never stopped Philadelphia based pop punk Cheer Up Dusty from releasing music and it they show no signs of slowing down in 2021. They recently have released their latest single “Shirtless and Afraid” this month and it is something you DON’T want to skip! Holding true to their pop punk roots, this song is filled with upbeat riffs and lyrics that will have you on your feet dancing around you room in no time.

Vocalist/Songwriter Justin Humenik, nails it with the emotions portrayed throughout the song. With lyrics such as ‘Improvement in me/Just wanna be my best/Feel like a finished project’ the band connects with how many of us (especially given the past years struggles) are feeling — that constant struggle of wanting to better yourself yet still have the validation from the ones you love around you that you’re becoming the best version of yourself. I’m stoked to see what else these guys have in store for us all in 2021, make sure to check out this latest release!

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