Philadelphia’s Cheer Up Dusty Releases New Single “I Believe In You”

Philadelphia’s own pop punk band, Cheer Up Dusty, just released their latest single, “I Believe In You”. These guys always bring out the catchy riffs and lyrics you would expect from a pop punk song. This uplifting release comes at a perfect time, when people are starting to feel at a loss during the colder months especially either the current state of the world.

‘I Believe In You’ offers the the message that no matter how alone you feel, your friends will always be there for you to help pick you back up. Cheer Up Dusty has delivered another hit with this one, lending their words of encouragement to anyone who listens, while still holding true to their bands sound. I feel it’s an important task to take on, as so many people turn to music in times of a struggle. You can find the ‘I Believe In You’ here.

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