King Soloman Releases ‘Everything 2020’

King Soloman is stepping into new waters switching up his sound to a more jazz like feel. This song and video for ‘Everything 2020’ revolves around the start of the pandemic and what has come of the past two years. It takes the very real reality of what’s going on into the view of his... Continue Reading →

Cheers, 2020

Today is New Year's Eve, a lot of us are leaving this year feeling as though we have been hit by a slow-moving train heading nowhere while thinking- “What the hell just happened?” We started this year excited, hopeful, and ready for a new decade to bring us closer to our dreams. This year, what... Continue Reading →

Greg Hill’s New EP ‘Better Love’

Photo by: Ava Pellor Based in Buffalo, NY, Greg Hill began his pop career in 2016, experimenting with mixing multiple different sounds, synths and programmed drums. Greg writes music about his story, ranging from heartbreak, anxiety, and loneliness. He's known for his trend of releasing an album, or EP, for only a short period of... Continue Reading →

Kat Saul : Made In the 90s Out Now

‘Made in the 90s’, Kat Saul’s 5 track sophomore EP is officially released! This EP stems from the past events Kat as experienced and how it helped shape her into the woman she is today, leading into a ‘coming of age’ theme. From tackling mental health to heartbreak, ‘Made in the 90s’ will take you... Continue Reading →

A Girl Named Jaen : New Release

A Girl Named Jaen just released a new single “We Are The Chorus” today, as a battle cry to inspire people to get out and fight for what they’re passionate about. Having been inspired by current and past events, A Girl Named Jaen wrote “We Are The Chorus” about standing up and together to make... Continue Reading →

Static Cycle Releases New Single “Bread & Circus”

Static Cycle’s (Jared Navarre (lead vocals), Andy Sheridan (multi-instrumental), andLester Estelle Jr. (drums), new single “Bread & Circus” combines pop influences with modern rock, making it their first song to stray away from their usual hard rock sound. "A Roman poet coined the phrase ‘bread and circuses’ to represent political powers using food and games... Continue Reading →

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