A Girl Named Jaen : New Release

A Girl Named Jaen just released a new single “We Are The Chorus” today, as a battle cry to inspire people to get out and fight for what they’re passionate about. Having been inspired by current and past events, A Girl Named Jaen wrote “We Are The Chorus” about standing up and together to make a change. It should be noted that a portion of net proceeds from all the streams/downloads of “We Are The Chorus” will be donated to organizations focused on environmental causes and voting accuracy.

“We Are The Chorus” packs a punch with the knocking melodies and lyrics. The vocals bring to life the passion behind the writing, creating this powerful feeling within the listener. It’s instantly clear where the inspiration for this song came from, the lyrics paint a picture of what is currently happening in the world today, and how they feel the masses are seen. It’s inspiring to hear an artist create this inspiring song to stand up and stand together to change the wrongs of the world, making you feel connected to every other person feeling the same way, and creating a strong sense of unity. In a time where people need to feel heard and feel not alone, this song is perfect. Make sure to give it a listen! You can stream here.

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