Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #23: Ghosts of Sunset

Ghosts of Sunset is a new project from a songwriting duo with some impressive Rock & Roll credentials, and an equally formidable rolodex. John Merchant is a singer and songwriter from Western Michigan, formerly of the band Dutch Henry. Merchant’s creative cohort is former
Michigander turned Alaskan, Todd Long. The multi-instrumentalist Long has filled various roles in a number of bands. Most notably, in recent years he played drums in the popular Alternative Rock band The Verve Pipe. Ghosts of Sunset is releasing their debut E.P titled “Headed West” in late 2020 or early 2021.

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Q: Introduce yourself in 6 words or less.
A: John, singer from Ghosts of Sunset and Todd, Drummer of Ghosts
of Sunset

Q: During the Covid-19 Quarantine, a lot of people spent time doing things they normally wouldn’t have done…did you pick up any new hobbies or learn any new skills?
John: Started doing yoga. I had no idea how physically demanding it is!
Todd: Stationary biking. I live in Alaska and it’s usually cold and rainy
or snowing!

Q: What do you miss the most about touring?
John: The magic; the shared moments talking about everything from local music scenes, to food, to equipment, songs, bands, and anything else with people you’ve just met but feel connected to because of a mutual love of music.
Todd: I second what John says. I truly miss the bond that a band has together when you are out on the road together!

Q: Do you have any Post-Quarantine plans?
John: Professionally to get out and do some select live dates and share Ghosts of Sunset with other, like-minded people. Personally, to remind myself every day what a blessing simple human connections like a handshake, or a hug, or simply a smile exchanged between strangers can be.
Todd: Would love to be able to go out and see a movie or a concert. Even being able to take in a dining experience again with my family would be nice!

Q: What’s one personal item you absolutely can not tour without?
John: Nowadays it would definitely be a phone. When we toured in the past without them, the disconnect from home could spin you out in a
million directions.
Todd: I also agree with John. My phone and, obviously, the drums 🙂

Q: What are the Top 3 artists you are inspired by?
John: The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Faces.
Todd: Kiss, Bon Jovi, and Poison

Q: Any words of wisdom for someone who may draw their inspiration from you?
John: Do what I did. If I loved a band, I found out what they loved, then I went back and listened to that. Then I went further back. I may have loved the Black Crowes, but I had to follow back to the Faces or the Stones, then back to Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters, then back to Robert Johnson. Be a musical archaeologist. Dig, dig, dig.
Todd: If you find something you love stick with it. Try not to have any regrets. You have to take chances and risks in life to get what you really want.

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