Cheers, 2020

Today is New Year’s Eve, a lot of us are leaving this year feeling as though we have been hit by a slow-moving train heading nowhere while thinking- “What the hell just happened?” We started this year excited, hopeful, and ready for a new decade to bring us closer to our dreams. This year, what we got instead was far from exciting and closer to the Roaring Twenties than we would have probably preferred.

In November last year, we soft-launched Midnight Riot Magazine. Hopeful and full of courage as two females entering the industry, we had many plans for 2020. As the year started, we had the pleasure of covering shows like Wallows, Bad Omens, and Grayscale’s Nella Vita Pt.2 Tour. We quickly began to conduct interviews with artists from across the country, such as Starlight Mikka. We connected with some bands from our local area, Rich People, Nude Shoes, and Cheer Up Dusty. We quickly grew as we gained contributors and readers nationally. We now have support from across the world.

Like so many others, in March, I caught Covid-19 and immediately went into Quarantine- as I recovered, many did not. While in Quarantine, it seemed that the rest of the world began to isolate whether by will or mandate. Here, in New Jersey, we were put under strict stay-at-home orders. Concerts slowly began to be postponed with TBA dates. From home, we all became heartbroken over the cancelation of not one, two, or three shows…but all of them. It was something that we could have never imagined as a community. Here at Midnight Riot Magazine, we decided to adapt to the new climate, unsure of when we would ever come out of it. In May we released our First Issue featuring State Champs, Diamante, and so many more.

We bagan to feature an Artist of The Week and a Quarantine Q&A with dozens of bands. We provided an outlet for musicians to release their music and get their messages out to the world. In the face of adversity, we made friends and were continuously inspired by the constant release of new music. In Michigan, we covered a socially distant concert series. As summer continued, we saw many more safe opportunities for musicians to reach their fans. Unfortunately, it was barely enough to keep places like Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia afloat and by time the fall came around, many of our favorite venues had permanently shut down.

Somehow, while we were grieving loss, and trying to make the best of our circumstances, we came together to fight Racism and Corruption around the world. We marched. We signed off. We stood up for one another. We made a difference. Some bands were donating all of their revenue to support different movements for different causes globally. We saw pain this year, but we also experienced great love when we came together.

Our hearts are with the many people who have experienced losses and setbacks in 2020. We celebrate to remember the people and places that are no longer with us.

As a thank you for the continued support, we will do what we do best in 2021. We will continue to fight for live music, to support artists, and help make voices heard.

Here is a short list of some reader favorites and memorable moments from 2020.

“Midfield Drops New Music Video”

East of Eado ‘Lost in Imagination’

Stormstress releases ‘Paint the Mask’

Esteban makes a comback

DelaDie releases solo EP “Cupid”

Happy New Year

-Alexis Alivia, Co-Founder, Midnight Riot Magazine

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