Anna Shoemaker’s New Single “Silver Cowboy Boots”

New York alt pop artist (originally from Philadelphia) Anna Shoemaker, has just released her latest single and video, ‘Silver Cowboy Boots.’ Following to her 2018 debut, East Side, Shoemaker released her sophomore EP earlier this year Everything Is Embarrassing. Even though she is only a few years into her career, Billboard and American Songwriter, have garnered praise for her music. She has also opened for Julia Michaels and Bishop Briggs, as well as selling out her own headlining gig at Mercury Lounge in New York. ‘Silver Cowboy Boots’ was inspired by a recent breakup where Anna indulged in some retail therapy and treated herself to some amazing silver Fendi cowboy boots

 “My ex seemed to be doing fine and all I had was these silver cowboy boots… but maybe that’s fine. They match everything, they look sick, they never tell me not to work with a certain producer or rapper because they’re jealous, they never get in fights at bars and then bleed all over my apartment, they never block my number for no reason, they never laugh at me or tell me I need to be better on stage if I want to make it big. They just make me look good and stand tall and confident, and that’s really all you can ask for from a relationship.”

Anna Shoemaker

The video and song are great, Shoemaker created a video that has that nostalgic aesthetic which, in my opinion, compliments the emotions in the song. Throughout the video, it appears to flip between the what looks like a home video type footage and a more ‘polished’ look. The viewer definitely gets the feeling that the boots are the only thing that currently matter, in a way that they are her sense of happiness now. Breakups are difficult and many times people indulge in some self love and retail therapy and this puts into words and visuals what that is like to go through. Anna’s vocals have a pop sound, yet she combines them with more r&b beats, making her music stand out from the moment you press play. If you haven’t gave the video a watch, or the song a listen, what are you waiting for? You can check it out below.

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