Grayscale: Nella Vita Part 2

Photos and Review: Kristen Zarra

Philadelphia locals, Grayscale, began Part 2 of their Nella Vita tour at The Queen in Wilmington, DE. This time around they’re bringing Lurk, WSTR, and Hot Mulligan along to join them.

Lurk, WSTR and Hot Mulligan opened the show up with fun and fast songs and had everyone pumped up for the night. It’s safe to say the fans were ready and anxiously waiting for Grayscale to come on. Once Hot Mulligan played their final song, The Queen was packed with people, and full of excitement. It did not take long for Grayscale to begin, introducing an entirely new set list for Part 2.

Opening with ‘Just Right’ made it impossible for fans to not dance around. The crowd was amazing, feeding off each others happiness, singing along, moshing and helping crowd surfers make it safely to the barricade. Performing a 17 song setlist, Grayscale added some more songs from Nella Vita for this run, including a stripped down version of ‘What’s On Your Mind’ (which is beautiful) along with keeping some older songs that everyone loves on their as well. Nella Vita Part 2 will have you, smiling, singing, laughing and maybe even crying, but it is an incredible experience to have. Throughout all the emotions, everyone can feel connected, as if for that night, they’re all apart of one big family. All of the guys were full of energy and you could tell how happy they were to be up on that stage sharing their music.

If you haven’t purchased tickets to this tour, you can find them here.

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