State Champs Frozen Fest Night 1

Review & Photos By: Kristen Zarra

‘I need to get upstate again, I need to get my head on straight again..’ Fitting lyrics to sing along to at night one of State Champs hometown Frozen Fest.

State Champs, Grayscale and Young Culture made it an incredible night filled with pre-show games, meet and greet, vendors, and early merch access, all while only asking for food and toy donations to gain early entry. In addition to the donations, they also had a bake sale and a 50/50 raffle to raise money for an immigration non-profit organization.

Young Culture opened the show up with an energy packed set. Fans sang along while crowd surfing. These guys know how to make everyone have a good time regardless if you have heard of them or not. Grayscale was up next, and these guys always put on a great performance. Playing both new songs off their latest release ‘Nella Vita’ and old favorites, everyone sang/screamed the lyrics that mean so much to them. They closed out their set with ‘Atlantic’ giving fans one last chance to give their all in the pit.

There’s nothing like seeing a band play in their hometown, and Champs came ready to go all out for the crowd that packed into the Upstate Concert Hall. State Champs debuted some songs they have never played live, building excitement for the fans that came out. It’s safe to say that everyone in that venue was there to have the best time possible, people were singing their heart out, dancing and helping others crowd surf – making it an overall positive experience. Keep an eye out for their next show, if you haven’t seen them live, don’t miss your next opportunity!

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