State Champs Frozen Fest Night 1

Review & Photos By: Kristen Zarra 'I need to get upstate again, I need to get my head on straight again..' Fitting lyrics to sing along to at night one of State Champs hometown Frozen Fest. State Champs, Grayscale and Young Culture made it an incredible night filled with pre-show games, meet and greet, vendors,... Continue Reading →

Harry Styles releases new album ‘Fine Line’

By: Kristen Zarra, Photo: Tim Walker After much anticipation, Harry Styles releases his new album, ‘Fine Line’. There was a variety of different marketing going around but my favorite was for the single ‘Adore You’. Styles’ creative team produced a genius marketing strategy leading up to release of the single ‘Adore You’. They created an... Continue Reading →

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