Cheers, 2020

Today is New Year's Eve, a lot of us are leaving this year feeling as though we have been hit by a slow-moving train heading nowhere while thinking- “What the hell just happened?” We started this year excited, hopeful, and ready for a new decade to bring us closer to our dreams. This year, what... Continue Reading →

Two Eyes Open New Single “Good Gone Away”

Pop-punk/ alternative-rock band, Two Eyes Open, released their latest single, "Good Gone Away" off of their EP "Satellites". This song focuses on loss and the ways we experience it throughout life. "The first half of the song was written after a relationship fizzled out, and the second half was written about six months later when... Continue Reading →

Grayscale: Nella Vita Part 2

Photos and Review: Kristen Zarra Philadelphia locals, Grayscale, began Part 2 of their Nella Vita tour at The Queen in Wilmington, DE. This time around they're bringing Lurk, WSTR, and Hot Mulligan along to join them. Lurk, WSTR and Hot Mulligan opened the show up with fun and fast songs and had everyone pumped up... Continue Reading →

State Champs Frozen Fest Night 1

Review & Photos By: Kristen Zarra 'I need to get upstate again, I need to get my head on straight again..' Fitting lyrics to sing along to at night one of State Champs hometown Frozen Fest. State Champs, Grayscale and Young Culture made it an incredible night filled with pre-show games, meet and greet, vendors,... Continue Reading →

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