East of Eado: ‘Lost In Imagination’ EP Review

Alternative rock band out of Houston, East of Eado released their second EP, ‘Lost In Imagination’ on June 5, 2020. Their EP consists of 5 songs that were mixed by Sean O’Keefe who had previously worked with Fall Out Boy and Hawthorne Heights.

‘Lost In Imagination’ starts off with ‘Paralyzed’ that gives you a laid back sound throughout the verses, while having a slightly more upbeat chorus. Overall it’s a relaxed start to the EP. While listening, the songs hold a consistent sound and transition seamlessly from one to the next. East Of Eado bring melodies and lyrics that draw listeners in, while conveying an emotion for each song.

Personally, ‘Dripping Gold’ was my favorite off the EP. The instrumentals and melodies caught my attention right away, pulling me in, wanting to hear more. It ends the EP on a high note, leaving listeners wanting to hear more. Their music has melodies reminiscent of pop punk and alt rock, making it easy for fans of those genres to enjoy. East of Eado has the potential to become a fan favorite. Click below to see for yourself!

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