Esteban returns with new single ‘Suburban Paradise’

The “desert funk” band Esteban is back after a nearly decade-long hiatus to release their new single “Suburban Paradise”. Their debut single was released in 2008. They had created their own sound fusing world music, rock, and socially aware lyrics resulting in a quickly grown following. By 2010 they were making their way through a whirlwind of a tour with over 315 appearances throughout the UK. In early 2011, they released the album “Dirty Wrecked” and despite their undying passion for music, their hiatus began shortly after the release. Now, the band of four musicians has gifted us with “Suburban Paradise” a feel-good summer jam that you would expect to hear at a beach festival while dancing in the sand. You can hear the song on Spotify or you can go to their Facebook page for a music video that they’ve “cooked up to say Thank You” to their fans for the support they’ve received during this come-back. We hope to see them in this part of the world soon! Until then, “Celebrate the simple things”.  

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