Greg Hill’s New EP ‘Better Love’

Photo by: Ava Pellor

Based in Buffalo, NY, Greg Hill began his pop career in 2016, experimenting with mixing multiple different sounds, synths and programmed drums. Greg writes music about his story, ranging from heartbreak, anxiety, and loneliness. He’s known for his trend of releasing an album, or EP, for only a short period of time before taking it down from the internet. This is interesting to me, it makes his work more of a limited edition collection, creating a hype to make sure you get to experience it before it is gone forever. ‘Better Love’ will be his 3rd EP release.

While listening to ‘Better Love’, you can feel the emotions he’s going through in each song. ’12/9′ stood out the most to me. It has such a somber melody, and the vocals paired with the guitar pulled me into exactly how he was feeling. The debut track “Will I Ever Reach You?’ captures your attention, making you crave more. Despite its calm beat, it has this undertone of longing to find someone. In its entirety, ‘Better Love’ has that indie pop vibe that has become well loved and successful recently. Make sure you check out ‘Better Love’ before its gone! You can find everything you need here.

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