Glass Animals @ The Louisville Palace, DREAMLAND TOUR

Photos & Review By: Seth Brown A live and packed show at The Louisville Palace on the 22 of March. British indie rock band Glass Animals released their third studio album Dreamland which was released on the 7th of August of 2020, Glass Animals started their U.S. Dreamland tour on August 8th of 2021 in... Continue Reading →

Greg Hill’s New EP ‘Better Love’

Photo by: Ava Pellor Based in Buffalo, NY, Greg Hill began his pop career in 2016, experimenting with mixing multiple different sounds, synths and programmed drums. Greg writes music about his story, ranging from heartbreak, anxiety, and loneliness. He's known for his trend of releasing an album, or EP, for only a short period of... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: EXNATIONS

Indie pop band, EXNATIONS is set to release their latest single 'Love In The Time Of Quarantine' on May 1, 2020. These Brooklyn/Jersey City based musicians decided to take this time being stuck inside to channel their energy into creating new music. EXNATIONS wrote and recorded the song remotely with Walter Dicristina and Mike Piacentini... Continue Reading →

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