Floorbird Set to Release New EP ‘Fall Apart Anywhere’ 9/25

Philadelphia indie/emo 4-piece Floorbird will be releasing their debut EP “Fall Apart Anywhere” on September 25. Floorbird is giving their listeners a taste of the album with the new single “Navy Blue” which follows their most recent single “I’m not nervous”. Members Eric Reavey, Kevin Folk, Drew Grahn, and Tom Brucker have been working tirelessly for a year to bring this project to life. The tracks contain pop melodies that make you want to sing along, but also cover topics like mental illness and loss. Floorbirds is for fans of Dashboard Confessional, The Dangerous Summer, Grayscale, The Maine. A pre-order bundle is currently available for “Fall Apart Anywhere”

“Fall Apart Anywhere” Pre-Order Bundle

“Navy Blue is one of the more upbeat songs on the record. It’s all about communication issues – how (for me, at least) they tend to be the most intense when we feel hurt or unheard, which are vexingly the times when healthy communication is most important – and the damage that can cause across your life.”

Vocalist Eric Reavey about the new single


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