Artist of the Week: EXNATIONS

Indie pop band, EXNATIONS is set to release their latest single ‘Love In The Time Of Quarantine’ on May 1, 2020. These Brooklyn/Jersey City based musicians decided to take this time being stuck inside to channel their energy into creating new music. EXNATIONS wrote and recorded the song remotely with Walter Dicristina and Mike Piacentini (Depeche Mode, Cheap Trick) at Battery Studios.

Sal Mastrocola, Taylor Hughes, and John O’Neill make up this self defined ‘sad band’ while holding a neon, vibrant aesthetic. Their music compels listeners to dance with their rhythms and catchy hooks, producing and empowering feel. ‘Love In the Time Of Quarantine’ will bring you on a roller coaster of synths, song dips and a rise into a booming chorus. A standout lyric “We get high / we get low / we’ve got nowhere else to go” hits the nail on the head with how many of us are feeling right now. A lot of people are struggling with feeling an intense feeling of being productive followed by a crash of sadness and un-motivation, making this song very relatable in this new normal we’re all facing. Its makes songs like this more important right now, because regardless of what is going on, music will always be there to bring people together, making them feel less alone and validated in their emotions.

EXNATIONS exudes this dream like feeling, bursting with energy, which is fitting for the time, as they said ‘Yeah it’s sad, but we’re still dancing.’ Be sure to listen to their new single out May 1st on Spotify and give them a follow!

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