LOWBORN set to release new music 4/24

LOWBORN is an set to release a new electro pop single, ‘Bad For Me’ April 24th, 2020. This single explores the idea that although bad behavior is fun, it results in more damage than good.

‘Bad For Me’ combines heavy pop-synth beats that pair with the intense vocals from Wes Lauterbach. Billboard calls LOWBORN’s music “...absolutely huge, and it also, in fact, touches on a wide swath of musics territory.” This statement couldn’t be more true. This new single encompasses a fresh take on how to write a song. It manages to blend a few different sounds that one typically doesn’t hear put together, making this stand out even more.

‘Bad For Me’ is about being afraid of change, maybe because you’re more comfortable being stuck in a shitty situation or maybe you’re afraid of getting help. Maybe it’s easier to keep drinking and stay fucked up at parties, even though you know that lifestyle is bad for you. We want everyone to remember that it’s okay to be afraid of change and it’s okay to ask for help.”

Wes Lauterbach

With lyrics such as ‘Shouldn’t feel safest when I’m in the darkest places’ will be able to connect with anyone that has ever struggled with feeling like they’re never going to get out of a bad situation. No matter who hears it, this song is bound to played over and over, reaching new listeners and playlists. Make sure you give it a listen on the 24th!

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