King Soloman Releases New Single: “$ippin on the Tree$”

Brooklyn artist, Sean Levine better known as King Soloman, released his new single, ‘$ippin on the Tree$’, an perfect fit for todays date of 4/20. It features artist and producer Tariq Allen, along with Levine being both composer and lyricist for the track.

This new single has a very calming beat that is easy to listen to when trying to relax, and that is an important feature right now while we’re all stuck in our homes. ‘$ippin on the Tree$’ takes you out of the reality of what is currently going on and brings you a feeling of what its like to just hang out with some friends and chill. Being able to have that connection shows that this is the first of many successes for King Soloman, and you definitely don’t want to miss out. If you haven’t heard of him, nows a perfect time to check out some new music, especially when artists are releasing tracks that can help ease your emotions. You can stream the new release here.

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