Artist of the Week:All-in Moment

By: Kristen Zarra

Staten Islands hard rock/ metal band, All-in Moment began two years ago by four frat brothers and have played venues across the tri-state area. What started out as a fun jam session, soon became much more of a passion for having an actual band. All-in Moment consists of Chris Scott (Vocals), David Cohen (Guitar), Daniel Luczak (Drums) and Luke Lewis (Bass).

After writing their first song entirely on his own, Dave then pitched the idea to the band, they added their own ideas and began to create even more. They released their first full length album in June 2019, and takes pride in drawing influences from a vast spectrum of music. Between all the members, they pull references from 80s and today’s metal artists as well as some rock bands.

Photo By: Cristine Trimarco

Each song they have tend to break the norm of having a partying meaning behind them. ‘Not That Far Away’ focuses around the idea that the future comes quicker than we think, and we all need to dig a bit deeper to overcome what life throws at us. A couple other songs ( ‘Chaos Comes Clarity’ and ‘Before the Bomb Drops’) also take on real life issues. One covers how sometimes you have to hit rock bottom in order to find yourself, and the other follows in Rage Against the Machine’s footsteps in tackling the topic on how the country is in political turmoil.

All of their music can be found on SoundCloud/Spotify as well as some lyric videos on YouTube.

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