King Soloman and His New Single, “Take Out The Trash”

Brooklyn-born and Miami native, King Soloman, has released his new single for “take out the trash”. 2020 and even now in 2021, was a hard year for everyone. You really got to know who your real friends are. This song is about “taking out the trash”, and what it is like to release all those... Continue Reading →

King Soloman: “Wish For This” Video

King Soloman has a new video out for "Wish For This", and the visuals are sure to make you reminiscent of a time where you could have big house parties. He uses these multicolored lights mixed with merging edits to create this trippy aesthetic that is intriguing. The camera rarely stays still, which could be... Continue Reading →

Marlon D and His New Release ‘Act 2’

From being involved with the underground hip hop scene since 2006, to opening for Guru from Gangstarr, Talib Kweli, Pete Rock, Slum Village, Marlon D recently released his latest endeavor, ‘Act 2’. ‘Act 2’ features a whopping 20 song track list. While listening you get an understanding of who Marlon D is as an artist.... Continue Reading →

Meïa Fundraiser

As many of you know, COVID-19 took a huge toll on the music industry. Many crew, artists and venues are left struggling to fund projects, and have to come up with non traditional ideas for work. Meïa is a singer/songwriter from Barcelona, Spain, who moved to NYC to work on projects. “My mom got Covid... Continue Reading →

Ilandria Releases New Single “Strange Love”

Ilandria, an artist from Miami, finds herself escaping reality with her dream like, imaginative music. Feeling overwhelmed with the world, she uses her creativity to create an alternative to the stressors of life, where people can connect and left go for the moment. “Strange Love” Is a perfect display of this, it’s lyrics combined with... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: Jame Doe

Electro-pop vocalist, Jame Doe, is a a breath of fresh air in the music industry. His powerful vocals will captivate and pull you in from the first moment you hear it. The Portland based artist just released an EP, ‘Jame Doe- Single’ featuring two new songs titles ‘Come Follow Me’ and ‘Naked’. His vocals are... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: Johnny Nostra

American singer, songwriter and producer, Johnny Nostra, was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Tampa, FL. He recently released his debut album, NOSTRA, on January 3, 2020. He began his journey in music by making beats in he bedroom, which lead him to build his career at a major recording studio known as Clear... Continue Reading →

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