Artist of the Week: Johnny Nostra

American singer, songwriter and producer, Johnny Nostra, was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Tampa, FL. He recently released his debut album, NOSTRA, on January 3, 2020. He began his journey in music by making beats in he bedroom, which lead him to build his career at a major recording studio known as Clear Track Studio, where he recorded his own album. As time went on, Johnny began to experiment more with different sounds to perfect his music.

His music ranges from styles such as Hip/Hop, R&B, and electronic, while utilizing his unique low-end vocals for punchy and catchy melodies. Nostra has made his music popular in his community with powerful lyrics about his life both inside and outside of the music industry; along with incorporating his darkest secrets. He has performed multiple times on a television talk show, The Lowdown, with comedian James Yon. 

While Nostra currently resides in Clearwater, FL, he travels around the US to create music videos for each song he releases. He has a message for the world, ‘To never settle for anything less than heavy, that’s what the world wants you to do. Lead with your eyes wide open and you can achieve the craziest of dreams.”

Stream/Purchase his music here

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