MUTANT-THOUGHTS Release New Single: ‘Unwanted Song’

On May 15th, Mutant-Thoughts, an alternative-rock trio from Bristol, UK have released their new single “Unwanted Song”. The band has been described as, “a cunningly original amalgam of infectious beats, brooding atmospheres and restless rhythmic energy”. Mutant-Thoughts have been shown support from multiple blogs & publications worldwide. With their blend of “latin grooves” and Rock, they surely do show diversity in the alternative crowd. The punchy riffs in Unwanted Song match the bold, rebellious and artistic aesthetic of the Official Video.

Their new single ‘Unwanted Song’ reminds listeners of some important issues the UK faces that we are likely to relate to including Brexit, corruptions & discrimination. All proceeds that the single raised will be donated to The NHS until the Covid-19 crisis is over. The National Health Service in UK provides health services to every citizen based only on the need for it, not an individual’s income. 

The Official “Unwanted Song” Video

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