New Single ‘Almost Famous’ by Jools

May 15th was a big day for Single-Releases as another UK band, Jools, released their single ‘Almost Famous’. This single is sure to be a success. The punk-rockers were true to their punk core with the debut single ‘Hysterical Starving Naked’ in which they present their stance on Socialism, the use of social media and political views. With ‘Almost Famous’ the band did not hesitate to take another strong stance while making me dance, this time for all of the awesome women in our lives. Inspired by the Women’s rights movements and marches, Jools sends us a message: “The Future is Female”. For us, a Female-Ran publication, listening to a song by men about the empowerment of women is nothing less than gratifying and we wish them the best of luck.

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Give ‘Almost Famous’ a listen here

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