Artist of the Week: Flux Psyche

Flux Psyche is a gender-bending, genre-bending artist from LA, whose real name is Nat. They began trying out different performance art – theater, choir, followed by some stage fright, and eventually had a falling out with music and pursued college. While being 23, they went to an underground AG Cook show, and they way they felt the music so viscerally, completely changed them. Soon after, they dove head first into listening to PC music and hyperpop, while feeling a little envy of those artists.

In late 2019 a friend told Nat they could write music using GarageBand on their phone, and they immediately started to experiment. From that day on, they started writing more seriously and began publishing to SoundCloud. Even in its early stages, the music was quick to develop a unique sound, taking inspiration from goth, trip hop, and electronic music. Nat really began to hit a stride with success from “The Void” and Charli XCX remixes. They want to take on the bublegum pop genre and make it their own. Their musical sound can be reminiscent of FKA Twigs, Massive Attacks, and Alice Glass.

Currently, they are working on two huge releases, one 3 song EP to be released to SoundCloud this summer, and one small Halloween album to be released this fall. “Drifting” [EP], covers their most mature subject matter to date: the uncomfortable growing pains, anxieties, and disappointments of experiencing emerging adulthood while queer, and struggling with mental illness. They convey the moods and themes of the titular song through the yearning in the vocals and instrumentation. The Halloween album is the complete opposite: holding darker, yet whimsical and fun, themes while singing about vampire romance.

Nat plans to create a more consistant sound for the future, along with releasing more original music, as well as mixes and remixes. They hope to be performing as an artist and DJ, while bending the rules of genre in unique ways, such as by blending dark textures, classical arrangements, and rich electronic synths together.

Bandcamp | SoundCloud |Instagram

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