Grand Lotus Set to Release New Singles and EP

Alternative rock band from Tampa, FL, Grand Lotus, are getting ready for two big releases: a new singles ‘Haze’ and ‘Signs’ on May 29th and an EP titled ‘The Vibrant Migrant’ on July 17th. Meeting in senior year jazz band is what brought Brandon Giorlando, Carlito Algarin, Elijah Noblitt, and Russell Goodman together to create Grand Lotus. They fine tuned their sound and managed to capture that essence of adolescent summer and turn it into music.

Starting out playing backyard gigs soon turned into receiving book requests from local venues. In 2017, they played along acts like Grouplove, Milky Chance, Coin, and Magic Giant. at a festival called Backyard BBQ, hosted by Tampa’s Local Alternative Radio Station, 97X. With having nearly 19k consistent monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s no surprise that their fun energy onstage captivates their audience. The single ‘Australia’ has 413,755 streams on Spotify, and has received over 25,000 views on YouTube, and you can watch it below.

Currently Grand Lotus has two EP’s [Tidal Wave” and “Fuji”] and two singles [‘Hangover’ and ‘Jada’] on DSPs. They are set to release their first project in two years starting on May 29th with the new singles ‘Haze’ and ‘Signs’ off their EP ‘The Vibrant Migrant’ fully out July 17th. Staying in tune with capturing summertime emotion, ‘Haze’ kicks off the EP with a laid back vibe, making you want to sit back and enjoy the moment. Their other single ‘Signs’, takes a on a more melancholy emotion, with lyrics such as “I don’t feel at home” and “I’ve got a heavy heart, I’ve lived a heavy life”. It explores a more introspective idea of trying to find a sign of being in the right place, or on the right path. To me, this song will be the one listeners will be instantly connected to, and will place on repeat. Overall, the entirety of ‘The Vibrant Migrant” will be the perfect music to accompany you and friends when enjoying life. Be sure to give them a listen on May 29th and July 17th!

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