Benzer Releases New Single “On Read” Out Today !

Benzer, a Filipino/ American R&B singer/songwriter is releasing his latest single “On Read”, today (9/4/2020) at 5pm PST, featuring JoshuaTree and Johnathan Edwards. This single is off his upcoming EP “Deuce” which is being released on September 18th. This comes after putting in work by performing at local venues to gain a fan base. Benzar’s... Continue Reading →

Flux Psyche New EP “Drifting”

Gearing up to release their new EP "Drifiting", Flux Psyche talks about how the album wasn't exactly planned, and what the EP means to them. " after song poured out of me and it was all kind of just about what I was feeling at the time." Having this flow of writing, where the lyrics... Continue Reading →

New Music and Interview with Jen Janet

Photo By: Jeremy Saffer Jen Janet, a well versed artist within the music industry is releasing two new singles- ‘Possession’ (July 8th) and ‘I Don’t Belong’ (July 31st). Making a noticeable change in sound, these releases focus more on conveying a darker theme, far different from her first solo pop focused EP in 2017. Both... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: Jame Doe

Electro-pop vocalist, Jame Doe, is a a breath of fresh air in the music industry. His powerful vocals will captivate and pull you in from the first moment you hear it. The Portland based artist just released an EP, ‘Jame Doe- Single’ featuring two new songs titles ‘Come Follow Me’ and ‘Naked’. His vocals are... Continue Reading →

IdleGod Is Back With New Single ‘Tremors’

Photo By: Flaneur Company Makeup By: Roisin Daly IdleGod, an alternative electronic rock singer-songwriter based in Bristol, (UK) is gearing up to release new single ‘Tremors’ on June 12th 2020. The new track pushes IdleGod’s sound and builds upon his trademark style with anthemic vocals, and guitars over thick electronic bass and drums. There’s an... Continue Reading →

Artist Of The Week: 4th & Orange

Long Beach, CA natives, 4th & Orange are emerging in the scene with a unique blend of hip-hop, pop, rock, and cool reggae. The band was co-founded by longtime friends Garrett Douglas and Chris “DJ Irey” Garcia, and also includes Ricardo Santiago, Alex Bursztyn, and Sam Ward. Garrett and Garcia named the project 4th &... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: Flux Psyche

Flux Psyche is a gender-bending, genre-bending artist from LA, whose real name is Nat. They began trying out different performance art - theater, choir, followed by some stage fright, and eventually had a falling out with music and pursued college. While being 23, they went to an underground AG Cook show, and they way they... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: Johnny Nostra

American singer, songwriter and producer, Johnny Nostra, was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Tampa, FL. He recently released his debut album, NOSTRA, on January 3, 2020. He began his journey in music by making beats in he bedroom, which lead him to build his career at a major recording studio known as Clear... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week:All-in Moment

By: Kristen Zarra Staten Islands hard rock/ metal band, All-in Moment began two years ago by four frat brothers and have played venues across the tri-state area. What started out as a fun jam session, soon became much more of a passion for having an actual band. All-in Moment consists of Chris Scott (Vocals), David... Continue Reading →

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