IdleGod Is Back With New Single ‘Tremors’

Photo By: Flaneur Company

Makeup By: Roisin Daly

IdleGod, an alternative electronic rock singer-songwriter based in Bristol, (UK) is gearing up to release new single ‘Tremors’ on June 12th 2020. The new track pushes IdleGod’s sound and builds upon his trademark style with anthemic vocals, and guitars over thick electronic bass and drums. There’s an influence from underground electronic sounds and a bit of alternative metal.

Beginning the musical journey as writing and playing guitar for multiple other bands, IdleGod never intended to take on the role of front man. After years of not finding a lead singer to fit the sound he was after, he decided to take on the project in full, and learned how to sing and produce.

The song is about mental health issues, conflicting personality traits and the power of music to bring one purpose and meaning

IdleGod on ‘Tremors’

Taking inspiration from artists such as Kanye West, Radiohead and Deftones, IdleGod has created his own sound combining electronic rock and pop genres. To experience this blending of sound, check out ‘Tremors’ on June 12th!

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