Flux Psyche New EP “Drifting”

Gearing up to release their new EP “Drifiting”, Flux Psyche talks about how the album wasn’t exactly planned, and what the EP means to them. “…song after song poured out of me and it was all kind of just about what I was feeling at the time.” Having this flow of writing, where the lyrics and beats flow from day to day feeling, makes the music raw, and able to connect emotionally to their listeners.

Each song takes you through different levels of emotions, using the smooth instrumentals to pair well with the lyrics to tell the story. ‘Ocean Ocean’ to me, has a laid back feeling but when you listen to the lyrics it conveys a feeling of going for something regardless of fear. While listening to ‘Fade’ the instrumentals had more of a panicked emotion within the repetition of the drum beat. Despite that, the vocals are dream like, balancing the feeling of the song, drawing the listener in. It made me feel a sense of unease, but that it would be okay in the end.

Purely instrumental, ‘Drifting’ takes you to a place all your own, leaving you open to any type of interpretation, or inspiration from how it makes you feel. Personally my favorite of the songs, ‘See Me’ has the most dynamic beats of the EP, and compliments the lyrics and vocals perfectly. This song goes through how it feels to come into ones true self, and embrace who you are. With lyrics such as ‘Visions getting clearer’ with ‘See me’ being sung in the background, is something I feel every person can relate to. It’s difficult to understand and fully embrace yourself but once you do it’s incredibly empowering.

Overall, I find this EP something I would put on when creating art. Each song pulls on the emotions, something that can spark creativity and inspiration.

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