Indie Duo, AFTYN Release Their New LP “Minutia”

Guinnevere Philipp and Chris Maher, make up the Indio duo, AFTYN, and have released their latest LP “Minutia” this past weekend! Guinnevere was inspired by her own experiences when writing the lyrics, making this album very personal. The band states “The content [of Minutia] reaches from feelings of nostalgia about friendships, letting go of past relationships, and looking forward to new beginnings in life.”

AFTYN have this raw stripped down feel to the vocals which are enriched by the soft instrumentals, creating songs that appeal to your senses. Within their songs is a hint of some alternative influence, keeping it appealing to more than just the indie fans. Throughout the album, there’s a soothing feeling they evoke within the listener, making it something a person can put on when wanting to enjoy a relaxing day.

Aside from releasing their own music, they are highly active on Instagram, posting various covers regularly. Their live shows hold true to the stripped down vibe of their recorded music, making it a more intimate experience.

You can stream and download here.

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