Benzer Releases New Single “On Read” Out Today !

Benzer, a Filipino/ American R&B singer/songwriter is releasing his latest single “On Read”, today (9/4/2020) at 5pm PST, featuring JoshuaTree and Johnathan Edwards. This single is off his upcoming EP “Deuce” which is being released on September 18th. This comes after putting in work by performing at local venues to gain a fan base.

Benzar’s interest in music stemmed from his younger years, listing to classic Filipino music and singing karaoke. As he grew older, his passion expanded and he began to learn many instruments including piano, guitar and drums, pulling inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Devin Morrison.

“On Read” is a mixture of soft vocals, syths and guitar to create this soothing blend. It’s obvious that the inspiration for this song is the confusing way in which relationships maneuver in the current time. He pulls in how it feels to be confused on how someone feels about you, and being left ‘on read’ which everyone can easily relate to. Between the vocals, lyrics and instrumentals, the song catches your attention, tapping into emotions you didn’t even know were there.

“After giving it all we have, we tend to have trouble understanding our emotions and this song aims to decipher those feelings of confusion.”


Aside from creating music, Benzer focuses on uplifting the other artists in his community, on his art page ARTFORM626. While writing, he focuses on storytelling which is apparent in “On Read”. This song gives listeners a taste of what he has to offer and leaves them wanting more, perfect for anticipation of the EP. Make sure to give it a listen!

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